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[09 Jun 2005|11:40am]
[ mood | lonely ]

Its been Exactly ONE YEAR AND ONE DAY since my last update. Wow. Thats crazy. Im back in Florida now :) Yey. Ive changed alot too. So thats good. I miss alot of my old friends who last year I really messed alot up with.

*Sarah *
*Jon *
*Dan *
*Jason *
*Sean *

I know Alyssa and Rachel are not in town to reply to my journal...
But... If anyone of you has grown up and matured like me and would maybe like to rekindle our friendship give me a hollar (oxgangstabonexo) (Aol)

Anywho I graduated highschool, Ive got a good job and will be attending FAU in the Fall.
Since Ive been gone I havent really done drugs, I think the worst Ive done was Bars so Im doing real well :) Here are some recent Pics!
Be forwarned... ALOT OF PICS!

The New Me!Collapse )

hey megalomaniac.

[08 Jun 2004|08:00pm]
OK MASSHOLES yes I said MASSHOLES ALL you OTHERFUCKERS who didn't add my to my new name bigtympunktress FUCKING do it now :( I have like 50 or 60 friends on this list and only 18 on bigtympunktress please add it Im tired of going back and forth between journals. The only way I'll know you added me is if you comment in bigtympunktress because its friends only. So take two seconds ALL YOU ON MY FRIENDS LIST AND ADD ME.

Thank you. P.s I have tongue ring pictures!! but there in my other journal, so go check em out!!

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YOU MUST COMMENT on my NEW username or you WILL NOT be ADDED [31 May 2004|03:41pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Hey everyone :) As much as I Love dorkonastik its time to retire the name. My new name is bigtympunktress. Its friendsonly so if you want to stay as a friend on my friends list you must comment or I will not add you.


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[30 May 2004|10:56pm]
[ mood | content ]

100-boldie-thingyCollapse )

uh..... bold the ones that apply to you!!!!

CameraWhxreCollapse )
Well, Tom never called me today. I didnt think he would :(
I feel like shit ... ::gah::

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""Erg"" [30 May 2004|03:41am]
[ mood | confused ]

I went and hung out with a friend of mine tonight. It was fun times...till we got to his house. Everything went bad from there... His mom was mad at him, and I got him into trouble cause I was there. :( ::ugh:: I feel so0o0o0o0o0 bad :(. I realised tonight, I really like this person.. I wonder If I totally blew it? He said hed call me "tomorrow" but I dont know if thats ever gonna happen. Hes so cute he has my number down by heart.... <3 Tom. He is such a great guy. I wonder if anythings going to happen between us? Id really like it to. He is a really wonderful person to be around. He's smart,cute,athletic, and just amazing...I really hope hes not mad at me about tonight.... The whole time I was sitting with him, I just kept thinking.. "wow" I really like him.. should I hold his hand... should I kiss him ahhhh what do I do... I was to shy so nothing happened... I regret it, but maybe it just wasnt the right time? Well if he calls me later like he said he would maybe I'll have a hint?

leave me some lovin...
and some advice!!


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I got pics I got pics Thanks Jessica!!! [29 May 2004|10:07am]
[ mood | crazy ]

I love the way you smack my ASSCollapse )

Jessica owns like a otherfucker lmao!!

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[28 May 2004|07:40pm]
dee dee dee dee jay shawtieCollapse )
Photobuckets being stupid. Help if someone would please fucking help me so I can put more pictures up of my spiffy hair since photobucket wont work for me im me on aol oxgangstabonexo thanks

Ps. Join hotxpeeps
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I cant help it [27 May 2004|11:10pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Im such a fuck up.. im crying.. kennys bitching at my mom. I feel so horrible its all my fault. He says "im the same ole courtney, the girl who always lied,never cleaned up anything, blah blah bullshit.... FUCK YOU DICKHEAD my legs been for a fucking week I havent been able to leave my bed. Hes acting like I never fucking cleaned.... I ALWAYS CLEAN MY FUCKING ROOM. ALWAYS ... I clean it every fucking day so brandy doesnt get introuble and it doesnt fucking matter it gets fucked up. Hes saying I never make my bed...hahaha I make my bed and my sisters bed every morning.. I love my mom more than anything in this world I love her so much and right now shes crying.. Im making her cry because kennys bitching at her and shes sticking up for me. He says that because I have blue hair and am wearing a clown shirt, that im "bad" person... IM trying to change. He wants to send me to my dads. My mom wont let him she says im too sick. she says ive been "diagnosed with very severe diseases/sickness's". Such as my ODD,Adhd, bi-polar,Depression, anxiety. "I have poor decision making advices". My mom is crying... cause kenny doesnt think its fair.. and hes bitching to her :( I love her so much, I cant believe im doing this to her marrige. Im such a horrible person. Maybe I should leave? Maybe my mom would be better If I did go to my dads house forever. Or maybe back to the hospital. He says im "physco"........I hate this I hate it. Im in hysterics crying I love my mom and he says Im a "wack-job" cause I dye my hair im not a wack job. Im trying to get better. This isint good. I should leave I should go to my dads. I dont wanna hurt my mom. This is the first time shes been happy. I cant ruin it for her. :(

I disgust him...
Im out

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I stepped in dog poo today. [27 May 2004|04:12pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

::grumble grumble grumble::

I have a feeling that this summer is going to effing suck. I also have a feeling that since Im not allowed out of my house, I will be left out alot with my friends... this is so not cool. I miss not hanging out with Alyssa,Rachel,Ashley,Fox,Ghe,dan,Topher and everyone. Im just like blah :( Im now officially a loser lmao. No friends ::puh:: other news.. mother dearest is taking me to get my hurrr cut today finally... and tomorrow morining mi padre is picking me up and taking me shopping!!! And I'll be spending the next 2 weeks at his casa. that way ill be on aol and aim!! yippie!!! Im also, redying my hair seeing as it looks like shit lol :) I will take pics to show yall at a later date. BTW join my fucking community...
thabeautifulppl do it if your my friend lol. and also look at bangable__ and blablablah
hey megalomaniac.

I I I I I be that Golden I [26 May 2004|08:43pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

this is so fucking STUPID. my mom wants me to fail. Dad said she wanted me to fail and now I know she does. All my homework that is due FRIDAY is at my grandmothers house, well my mom wont let me call her to ask her to bring it to me because I havent "apologized" to her yet. ::grrrr:: WTF If gonna FUCKING fail if I dont turn in this 2 weeks of homework for each FUCKING class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont want to repeat the 11th FUCKING grade :(. This makes me very sad. I dyed my hair today. It looks like shit. When I go to my dads house Im going to redo it.

I feel <3ed thanks for all yalls comments <3333

<3 the girl whose gonna fail 11th grade.

Edit.... go to u_sexy_thing its a cool community! and sorry abut the raunchy update. I was angry lol :( Im just so scared to fail.

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::grrr::: [25 May 2004|10:06pm]
[ mood | drained ]

So yea, I went to the Physciatrist today, They put me on two more meds. Adderall and some other thing for Bi-polar... great. I have to see a thearapist once a week now and my physciatrist every 2 weeks. Woopie.

Ive Noticed noone comments in my journal anymore except eric thank you eric. You make me feel special. :) Other ppl better start commenting or else that shows you dont love me :( and I will take you off my friends list. hmph... so please leave me some lovin and i will keep you added.


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MsI [24 May 2004|09:16pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

so yea. I went out to lunch with mi padre today. "fun times". He wants me to live back with him. He tells me Id have more "freedom" there and more abilities (such as piercings the computer going outside, not being stuck in the house or not trusted) but Im kinda glad im home. You know? like I mean it sucks my mom doesnt allow me outside anymore (seeing as its my last summer before I graduate) and it sucks that I cant go on aol or aim, but Im acutally happy to be home and I dont want to leave. Yea Id love to get my ears pierced some more, and my tongue pierced, but like id rather live with my mom... :\ ::grr:: why do things have to be so difficult I just wish that Id be able to go hang out with my friends. And seeing as Im almost 18 be able to have more responcibilities like my ears and tongue pierced. I dont deserve it though.. :\ like as much as I wanna denie it, I dont deserve ANYTHING until I learn to straighten up my act. But im trying Im really trying. I clean up behind myself, I get along with my family, I take care of my animals... Yea I have some apologies to do still, I just dont know what to say. To My grandma and grandfather I wanna tell them so bad that Im sorry for everything Ive put them threw, and sat back and allowed money to be taken from them. For the lieing the sneaking out, making them ashamed of me. Im honestly sorry and to my stepdad and my mother, whom I love both more than anything, I want to apologize to them as well for having the cops call them at 2 in the morning, sneaking out, drinking, lieing about stupid things, fighting with my sister, not doing well in school, cutting... blah blah blah the list can go on. The only problem is... All ive said my enitire life is Im sorry, Im sorry Im SORRY there not going to listen/believe a word I say. :( I completely understand though. I wouldnt believe me either. Im a fuck up. But Im changing, or at least trying. Im trying my hardest I really am. I want nothing more than to please my mom. Im sure if you asked her, shed even tell you I was doing better. Im still not allowed any privelidges though :( it SUCKS being cooped up in the house 24/7 ::grrrr:: Oh well I deserve it. All my mom did her entire life was give give give and I really messed up. I just wish I could prove myself to her. Any suggestions anyone?? :\ Well Im gonna go. I have to go take my medicine. If anyone gets bored call mi cellie

**Sneak up hit you like a effin tornado**

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Bloop Bloop [23 May 2004|03:39pm]
[ mood | content ]




So0o0o0o0o I still walk like a retard! thats always fun like for real :). As christina says... I walk like Eegore... how rude! So yea Im sposed to get my hurrr cut today... although mi madre has been promising me this for ALONG time now... damn her I wanna get it cut so I can dye it.. teehee. Im happy to announce I will be attending river next year as a effin Senior woohoo class of "05" teehee!!. Well Ive noticed my journal entries have begun to get shorter and shorter. My Apologies... ive been cooped up in my house since getting out of the mental Asylum lol. my mom doesnt trust me outside yet :( sad times. Well I must be off because my soup is burning.

with a heart and a kiss im out like diss
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After everything I did for you...this is what you put me through? [22 May 2004|09:00pm]
[ mood | happy ]

For TooheyCollapse )

Walk right on byCollapse )
Well. My mom didnt let me go out last night like I had hoped. And she didnt take me to get my hair cut today either :( damn her. Monday I have to go out with dinner with my dad for his bday. I mean its the least I can do for him, seeing as he has done so much for me these last few months. tomorrow my mom is taking me to get my hair cut she said. Yey :) my ankle still hurts... blah how suckie. oh oh oh !!! I forget to tell yall!!!! I saw steven yesterday!!!! When christina came over we sat outside and chris feeks came over and low and behold steven was with him! Hes doing wonderful! Hes outta the hospital and he proved docters wrong! (They said he would be "retarded" because of the accident) but hes fine! Im so happy. Hehe. Wow I think this Lexapro shit is actually working... Im actually happy. Like honestly happy :) No more having to pretend. Its a wonderful feeling. the only thing that gets me down is the single part.... but hey theres nothing I can do to change that. ... :\ Oh well I just give up on the relationship thing then I guess. Right now im looking foward to summer and tanning and working out, getting a new job and then starting my 12th grade year woo fucking hoo! Im wicked excited about starting River again teehee :) well I gotta go take my medicine... dont wanna ruin my happy streek!!

With an X and an O im out like whOa<3

*sneak up an hit you like a fucking tornado you aint no operator so who da fuck are you then? Sneak up hit you like a fucking tornado you aint no operator you aint no operator... I wanna be wanna be wanna be wanna be wanna be wanna be pretty
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Friday afternoon.... [21 May 2004|07:31pm]
[ mood | creative ]

So0o0o0o0o its friday... hopefully mommy dearest will let me out tonight! Ive been home for over a week and I havent "fucked up yet" although shes kept me in the house so I havent had a chance to fuck up yet... anyway... today was the first day in a week that Ive been able to walk. Yes it hurts wicked bad but yea. I still got to walk! How effin cool is that?! Christinas coming over later I hope. Id really love to chill with her. Hopefully my mommy will allow me out on good behavior ;). Um.. what else is there to say... Im getting my hurrr cut tomorrow. My bangs are going to be angled and then im bleaching my hair teehee..

g2g xoxox
Call my cell if anyone wants to chill

p.s this is too someone..... in his journal I cant comment because im not "friends" but .,.... Id invite you places. But you wouldnt wanna chill.... anyway byebye

hey megalomaniac.

do it. [19 May 2004|08:53pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Enter value in comment,
then copy & paste to your own LJ.

0= I don't know you
1= I like you
2= I love you!!
3= You are funny
4= You are cool
5= I don't really care for your personality
6= I want to fuck you
7= You are sexy!
8= You have a nice body
9= I want to get to know you
10= I hope you die
11= Marry me, PLEASE?
12= wanna have sex later

so leg hurts. I am tired of being alone. I hate being lonely. Its such a shitty feeling :(

Someone take me on a date damnit.

[Name] Courtney
[Nicknames] cuntney,Dork,courthead, courtmyster
[Screen name] oxgangstabonexo, and xoxemoxcorexox
[Birthday] March 9th 1987
[Age] 17
[Astrological sign?] picese
[Chinese zodiac sign?] monkey?
[Location] Boca Raton Fl
[Sexual Preference] heterosexual
[Marital Status] ::grrrrrrrr::
[Religion] christianity
[Eye color] Blue
[Height] 5'4
[Shoe size] 5/6/7/8
[Parents still together?] Newp
[Siblings?] 1 sister
[Nieces/Nephews? ] newp
[Kids of your own? ] I had one last week...or not
[Grandkids?] 12 my children get busy fast
[pets?] 2 dogs and a cat
[school/graduated? ] junior
[Rent, lease, or own your home?] Im not sure yet. I live with my mom right now but kenny hates me. so I think im going to run away/be kicked out soon.
[Have any credit cards? ] I wish
[What do you drive?] my feet

[ Color] Purple
[ Number ] 7
[ Animal ] Dog/Horse
[ Vehicle ] whatever runs
[ Flower ] the kind that smells nice
[ Scent] Love Spell
[ Shape ] heart and stars
[ Drinks ] Dr.pepper
[ Soda ] dr.pepper
[ Book ] Cut
[ Band ] Thursday/AFI/Simplekill <3
[ Song ] War all the time-thursday

Do you...
[ Color your hair? ] I do indeed im bleaching it soon
[ Twirl your hair? ] when im nervous
[ Have tattoos? ] not yet
[ Piercing? ] eyebrow/ears
[ Cheat on tests/homework? ] not that often
[ Drink/Smoke? ] not anymore.
[ Like roller coasters? ] YES
[ Wish you could live somewhere else] anywhere else
[ Want more piercing? ]my tongue again, my lip, my ears... and others ;)
[ Like cleaning? ] yep
[Write in cursive or print?] Print
[ Carry a donor card? ] Nope
[ Swear a lot?] FUCK yea
[ Own a web cam? ] yeah
[ Know how to drive? ] yeah
[ Diet? ] sometimes
[ Own a cell phone? ] 561-305-9388
[ Ever get off the damn computer? ] not really
[ Habla Espanol? ] mmmpoko. I know that all my guy friends.... tengo un chimbp en los pantelones

Have you ever...
[ Gotten a speeding ticket?] nope
[ DUI? ] nope
[ Been in a wreck? ] nope
[ Been arrested? ] yes
[ Been in a fist fight? ] yes
[ Kicked someone in the nuts?] a few people
[ Stolen anything? ] what? Im poor.... :(
[ Held a gun?] yes
[ Drank? ]Yes
[ Been so drunk you couldn't remember your name? ] Ha... yes :(
[ Considered a life of crime? ] all the time
[ Considered being a hooker? ] um no.
[ Cheated on someone? ] nope
[ Been married? ] I hope I can get married one day :(
[ Lied to someone? ] yes
[ Been in love? ] yes
[ Fallen for your best friend? ] yes
[ Made out with JUST a friend? ] yes
[ Been rejected? ] yeah
[ Been in lust? ] I guess
[ Used someone? ] not that I know if
[ Been used? ] yeah
[ Been cheated on? ] yep
[ Been kissed? ] no never...k Im lying
[ Experimented with homosexuality?] sometimes.
[Current mood] depressed whats new
[Current music] Tv
[Current taste] Taco smell
[Current hair] messed up
[Current annoyance] my leg, my singleness
[Current smell] I dont smell nuffing
[Current thing I ought to be doing] laying down
[Current windows open]livejournal
[Current desktop picture] pink stars
[Current book] none
[Current cds in stereo] incubus
[Current crush] hmmmm 2 ppl. Jeff and Austin. Both which I could never have
[Current favorite caleb:] Johnny Depp
[Current hate] life
[Current job] don't have one mother fo

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[18 May 2004|06:37pm]
[ mood | content ]

So yea... I went to the hospital yesterday... I got a brace for my ankle. I cant walk on it for 2 weeks... which could be bad cause I have to go to court the 28th.. Gah how shitty. For an unpaid traffic violation I could have sworn I paid. :( Grrrrrr anyway... Kenny (captain asshole) Is being such a dick to me. always slamming doors and giving me looks like "I wish you were dead" jesus. I mean come on... Im trying to better myself.. I really am. Oh well. I mean its not going to help when Im FUCKING on Lexapro to help me and you sit there and do this to me ::gah:: Oh well. Well my dad went to Stranahan the other day and they said if I went to school the last couple days and just took the exams then I would pass the 11th grade. My mom says that I have to go stay with him from june 1st til like the 6th. ::meh:: o0oh well. Maybe I can con a tongue piercing or car out of him.

Wish me luck.
<333333333333 Me.

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What would you do if I sang outta tune [15 May 2004|04:06pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

la la la laCollapse ) ugh today when I was home alone... Kenny called. I was expecting my mom to call so like I answered it right away... turns out it was him calling to let my mom no he was on his way home from the airport... ::gah:: i told him my mom was out (he didnt know at the time I had come home to stay) He then calls my mom and like bitches at her telling her he doesnt want me living there and to make me go back to my dads. WELL CAPTAIN ASSHOLE.... THIS ISINT JUST YOUR HOUSE ITS MINE TOO. And it was MINE for 6 years before yours. Yea I fucking left the family for 5 months big fucking woop YOU LEFT MY MOM FOR 7 FUCKING YEARS. YOU deserted her when she needed you. YOU left her for a FAT cow named Suzanne... YOU need to chill the fuck out and leave me alone :( I dont wanna see him ... hes gonna bitch at me I know it. He wont be home until midnight. Im scared... wish me luck... Everyone go to February 11th in my Journal and read it. ::gah:: I dont know what possessed me to read it but I did.. and wow. I had some amazing friends. Wow. ::sigh:: :/ what shall I do to fix everything?? I need to do something. I really do :( anyone have any suggestions? </3 Courtney

hey megalomaniac.

[14 May 2004|10:14pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Well I managed to get online tonight. Thats cool. I spent most my day cleaning. I dont know what im going to do tomorrow though, my mom says she wants me close to home the next couple days/weeks to see my developement in change. My dog is fucking off the chain :) go Thunder teehee he is the shit. Hes a cute dog. I like him. my dad tried calling my house and cell today. I didnt answer.... I was tired all day and now that I have absolutely NOTHING to do... Im WIDE afucking wake. Anyone feel like chilling infront of my house? Gimmie a call and let me know im wicked bored. 561-305-9388. anyways... my mom took me and my sister out to eat tonight, my god I think im going to die. The food was good but it was like they were trying to bloat us up man. Craziness. Well Im happy to be home. Everyday is a day of soberness and recovery. That makes me happy. Im going on 5 days now woohoo everyone congradulate me. Well I better go. Thunder just bit my sister on accident... (she was fucking with him and playing around and he got alittle rough) so im gonna go see if shes ok. DONT FORGET TO CALL ME IF YALL WANNA CHILL.


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...Sorry... [13 May 2004|09:52pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

I bet your all wondering why I havent updated in awhile... Well here is what happened... *Sunday night/early monday morning *aka* about 2am my dad became intoxicated. We got into an argument then he hit me. I struggled with him and he saw my arm... the arm that had been cut and buised...he immidiately freaked out and went totally bonkers.He called 911 and told them "I was threatening to kill him and myself." NOT what happened. Def. not what happened. Well anyway, not even 5 minutes later about 12 cops came running up into mi casa, no to mention to 4 Paramedics that also ran up in my house like they fucking owned the place... half of them sat there and questioned me for about 10minutes while the other half interigated my father, who, was drunk at the time. They put him in handcuffs becasue he was being a dick to the cops and acting all drunk and started searching my house, they called my house a "Fucking Rave party" because I had some glowstix in the rooms and then my dog bit one of the officers... that just made my night so much better. Well they asked my dad if he wanted me bakeracted and he said "yes fucking bakeract that bitch" and with that they took me to Broward General Medical Center. I sat there for about 5 hours while they took blood samples (which I passed ALL of) then they sent me to Ft.Lauderdale Physciatric Hospital where I stayed from Monday morning until Thursday afternoon. Those were the worst days Ive ever had in my life.. It sucked it REALLY sucked. I hated every single effin day, going to sleep at 8:30 waking up at 6am, having to deal with actual NUT cases. It was fucking ludacris. well anyway today was my family session. It went horrible, at first my mom was refusing to take me home, and they were like you have to go with you dad and I was like im not going with my dad and even the physciatrist was like "if we make her go with her dad then shes just gonna run away anyway" so my mom finally decided to take me home. Im very grateful, Ive got alot of making up to do though with my entire family. They arent just going to forgive me because I went to a mental hospital so Im goingt to do everything in my power to make them see that ive changed. That hospital really does something to you. It makes you think. So Ive come to this conclusion. Im done. Im fucking done with EVERYTHING. Its not worth it. No more XTC, No more weed, no more drinking no more cutting no more nothing. The only thing im sticking to is Cigarettes. (And my mom knows) Cause honestly its just not worth it. Well Im not going to be online much because my mom doesnt really want me on her computer, and she def. wont let me go on aol. so I think im gonna take my 2 grand and buy a laptop or a reg computer. So for now if you wanna get intouch with me, gimmie a call on my cell .... 561-305-9388 <333333You all. And Ps. If I have problems with anyone or anyone has problems with me. can we please start over new? thats what Im doing. Im starting over a new life and I want a new slate. So just leave me a message. I'll get it eventually or call my cell. I <3 You. Courtney

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